Safe Site is a Mexican company that specializes in massive storage of sensitive information, as well as its management and destruction, services that reduce considerably the monetary and human resources spent by each individual company.

We are leaders in best practices and technology for the handling of information.

We’re affiliated with Commercial Records Center (CRC), an enterprise located in El Paso, Texas, and operating since 1991. CRC is member of PRISM International, ARMA and NAID, which are organizations dedicated to reinforce and improve the quality of its members and the industry in general, in addition to provinding the most recent information about tendencies and technology to give our customers great service.

Our professional staff is reliable and fully trained, with vast experience in information management to provide you and guarantee you a safe and trustworthy service just when you need it. We have a Safe Site agent always ready to serve you.


Provide storage for digital and physical files in a professional, safe and precise way, incorporating the most advanced technologies, team effort and continuous improvement to match our clients’ needs and expectations.


Be the leading company in its sector, supporting the productivity of our clients, supported in the improvement of our staff and the use of high-end technology.


Our professionalism and service have earned us the trust of companies with great experience and prestige, not only in the maquiladora industry but in financial, legal and corporate industries as well. Some of our more than 140 clients are: